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Why choose GETHA pillows?

Designed with your comfort and safety in mind, Getha’s products are made in conformance to the International standard and certified by global institutions. Getha products provide outstanding support, comfort, and durability by using the highest quality of 100% pure natural latex from Malaysia.


Since 1969, Getha brings you the best from Mother Nature. With the utmost priority of our future generation and a sustainable environment in mind, Getha is a leading manufacturer of 100% Natural Latex Foam Mattresses and Bedding products.

Getha Smart Neck Pillow

Your comfort is important to us! That’s why the 100% Natural Latex Neck pillow is designed specially to support your neck, especially when you’re travelling on long journeys. Equipped with a convenient washable 100% cotton fabric cover as well as adjustable strings for you to customise the fit to your liking.

Lumbar Support Latex Cushion

Sit in peace with the Getha Lumbar Support Latex Cushion. Made of fully 100% Natural Latex and a handy washable 100% Cotton cover, this multi-functional support cushion is perfect for office, home, car, meditation use and more! Feel an improvement in your posture with the Getha Lumbar Cushion.


The FOREST CITY 100% Natural Latex Pillow is designed in a perfect size for you to cuddle, hug and sleep on. It is convenient for travel and suitable for all ages!

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We are confident that Getha’s pillows is worth loving. This is a combo set for Lumbar Support Latex Cushion, Getha Smart Neck Pillow and I LOVE FOREST CITY (ILFC) Pillow with the special price .

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