Feng Shui for your Bedroom in 2020 – Have a Great Sleep ahead in the Year of The Rat!

Chinese New Year is finally here, and we’re welcoming the year of the rat! We at Getha have compiled some tips to provide good Feng Shui for your bedroom in 2020, and to attract good and positive vibes for the year ahead. If you are the kind to believe in feng shui,  read on for some useful tips!

In 2020, to counter the influence of Feng Shui via the Bad Luck Star, do follow one of the top 5 principles listed here.


5 Feng Shui Tips For Your Bedroom


  1. Improve the Flow of Energy in your Bedroom

Find space for a money tree plant in a corner of your bedroom. This is to prevent the stagnation of energy in that corner.

Avoid sleeping with your feet towards the door. In the Chinese traditional culture, this is called the “death position” because the deceased are known to be carried out with their feet facing the door! Great people of Feng Shui practitioners consider that sleeping in this position can drain the vital life force out of you, leaving you very tired to work through your day! If you have no way of avoiding this, you should use a bed that has a feet board or a piece of furniture placed in front of the bed instead.

Lastly, leave enough space around the bed to facilitate the free flow of energy and so you can easily get out of bed.

  1. Improving your relationship for love

If you are not involved in a relationship, but you have longed to be in one, you can spice up your bedroom as if you were already involved in a relationship!

If you already have a partner, and wish to improve your relationship with your partner instead, look for some romance based colours like pink and red – these colors will contribute to your love life. Add on a few pink or red accessories around the bed to encourage romance. If you have strong colours, remember to only use these colors only as minimal accents. Strong colors as red, orange or yellow are mostly associated with Yang and can be too stimulating for bedroom.

Also do consider the use of Mandarin ducks – the ultimate love symbol in Feng Shui. Place them as decorative items and accessories nearby the side table stand.

  1. Free Up Stress that Invites Negative Energy to your Bedroom

Clutter in your bedroom hinders the free flow of Chi. However, being the lazy person you are, do not attempt to solve this problem by hiding everything under the bed! This will only block the energy and will cause stagnation in your life.

Give some thought to the objects you keep in the bedroom and remove any elements related to work and all things that have connections with past memories that would better be forgotten; for example, gifts from past relationships, or any other small ornaments that remind you of sadness.

  1. Avoid placing the mirror on the opposite side, next or above the bed.

This will cause a reflection of energy through the entire room. This process will not allow you to enjoy your rest properly and it will intensify all your problems and worries!

Mirrors are also known to bring on invitations from 3rd party people into your relationship. Therefore the only way to avoid this is to place decorative objects in front of such a mirror, covering them up when you go to bed.

  1. Let there be light!

Illumination is a very important factor in Feng Shui. Use curtains or blinders that can be easily opened in the morning. This is to allow in natural daylight to come into your room and illuminate all dark and negative chi. Remember also to close down your curtains at night, as it will act as a deterrent to block the darkness from outside.


Getha Wishes you, A Healthier Sleep, A Better Life!

Hopefully with these simple arrangements and adjustments, you can have better feng shui for your bedroom and of course a great sleep ahead for the year 2020! Lastly, we at Getha wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!

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