Sleep in a Healthy and Bacteria-Free Environment

Do you know that your bedroom can be the breeding ground for a multitude of germs and bacteria? It is very important to sleep in a healthy and bacteria-free environment to keep away illness caused by pathogens. You should not only maintain the cleanliness of your bedroom’s surrounding, but also place high importance on the hygiene of your bedding products.

Here’s a few tips to help ensure that your sleeping environment is truly clean and healthy!   

Changing your sheets and covers

You should change your bed-sheets every now and then. This is because our sheets harbour more dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria than you would like to think. Your bed may quickly blossom into botanical garden of fungus and germs that you can’t see with the naked eye. Therefore, it is advisable to change and clean our bedsheet once a week or at the very least once a month. This applies to your pillow cases, bolster case, duvet cover or comforter.

If you’re feeling ill with a cold or flu, it is advisable to change your pillowcases every three to four days since bedding can be a breeding ground for bacteria. 


Designate a convenient place to store your extra bedding. Choose a place that’s dry and free from dust to keep your bedding products healthy and bacterial free. Ensure that they are properly folded too for an easier time when needed. To store your twin sheets together, you can place them in a matching pillowcase and arrange them neatly in your closet. If it gets dusty, the only thing you will need to wash is the pillowcase.


Use Antibacterial Bedding Products

You may consider using bedding products that are integrated with Nano Silver Technology. Nano Silver is harmless to humans, but an enemy to germs and bacteria. This technology sterilizes and sanitizes surfaces by continuously killing germs. Nano Silver’s ability to eliminate micro bacterial cells proves to be more effective than conventional germ removal methods. It is a popular choice for all age groups and suitable for families with infants as the clean – bacteria-free surface encourages a healthy sleep environment.


At Getha, we place high importance on the cleanliness of our products. We pre-wash our signature 100% natural latex  through a series of water sprays and squeeze rolls. With this process, we are able to enhance the quality and hygiene of natural latex, preventing bacterial growth and allergies.

Getha is also the first in Malaysia to introduce Tencel Nano Silver anti-bacterial bedding covers suitable for all ages, especially individuals who have hypersensitive skin or are prone to allergies and, families with infants. Our Icon Luxury mattress series is also complimented with Nano Silver anti-bacterial protection to eliminate bacteria, viral and fungal infestation. If you’re looking for a pillow with this option, you can also take a look at our Transformé Latex Pillow.


For bedding products that are more hygienic, take a look at Getha’s line of products: