Better Sleep with Your 5 senses

For some people, getting a good night’s sleep is a luxury.  Have you considered how you can get better sleep with your 5 senses? By optimizing your sleep environment, not only will you wake up feeling more energized and refreshed, but you’ll begin to notice the physical and mental benefits that naturally come with adequate sleep—such as increased mental focus, concentration, and a stronger immune system.


Whether you’re looking for ways to fall asleep faster, or simply trying to create a more relaxing sleep sanctuary, consider taking care of your 5 senses!


A sleep sanctuary should have minimal light exposure. You can use thicker curtains or wear a sleep eye mask to block out excessive light. Studies have also shown the blue light from electronics such as tablets, laptops and smartphones suppresses the melatonin we need to sleep. Move TVs out of the bedroom and leave behind phones, tablets and laptops an hour before bed for better sleep.


Noise pollution, whether from outside or inside—the sounds of passing cars, snoring from a significant other, slamming doors, or other common household sounds—can jostle you from deep sleep; ambient white noise can reduce disturbing sounds, making it easier to sleep serenely. Common household items like fans and air purifiers are relatively inexpensive ways to generate white noise. Another way to easily drown out noise are with earplugs.



Surrounding yourself with smells you love is not only pleasant but can also help you sleep better. Research shows that using lavender oil decreases blood pressure, heart rate and skin temperature in sleepers. Sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil on a tissue and place it under your pillow, or use an aromatherapy diffuser.



Having a warm drink before you sleep not only calms anxiety, it also promotes sleep. Chamomile tea is legendary for inducing slumber. The soothing effects may be due to the flavonoid, apigenin that binds to benzodiazepine receptors in the brain. The best time to drink this tea is about 30 minutes before bed.



The time we spend in the bedroom is mostly enjoyed with our eyes closed and in bed. Studies have found that a comfortable and supportive mattress is considered by many as the most important factor to a good night’s sleep. Choosing a wrong unsupportive mattress often results in a lack of quality sleep or body pains.

100% Natural Latex mattresses are not only good for the planet, but its flexibility and bounce also makes it a highly popular option as it provides excellent comfort and support for high-quality rest. A good mattress supports the body at all points, leaving no gaps between the body and the mattress while keeping the spine in line. You may also want to switch your sheets and blankets to a different type of fabric. For example, Nano Silver fabric is not only comfortable but has antibacterial and antistatic protection.


Getha provides you with all your sleep needs! From sleep accessories such as eye mask, neck pillow, to bed sheets, duvets, mattresses  and more. Getha Sleep Therapy Centres are also designed with a 5 senses section to guide you in creating the perfect sleep sanctuary. With just a few simple tweaks, your bedroom will transform into a haven of restful nights!

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