Effects of static electricity on your sleep

Is your sleep affected by stress and tension? This is a common problem among many people. You may feel uncomfortable in your bed at night, or wake up feeling the tension in your body as opposed to feeling well-rested.  There are many reasons for bad sleep quality, but have you considered the effects of static electricity on your sleep?


Causes of static electricity

In order to learn how to prevent being affected by static electricity, you’ll have to be aware of how static electricity is formed in our environment. Static electricity is a result of electrical equipment and the friction caused by synthetic furnishings.

In our daily lives, it is mainly caused by the usage of electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. This situation impacts your sleep even more if you’re sleeping near a power cord such as your mobile phone charger, or your nightshade may also expose you to static electricity.

Your mattress material can also contribute to poor sleep quality, such as polyester or nylon.


The effects of static tension on your body

The human body comprises of positive or negative ions that typically balance each other out without issue. However, the friction could lead to negative effects of static electricity on your sleep.  Body static can cause us to feel tension, anxiety, stress, and discomfort. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your bedding products can effectively reduce static electricity while you’re sleeping.


How to reduce static electricity in your bedding

Maintain an ideal level of humidity

Dry air is a major contributor to static electricity. You can consider using a humidifier to help keep an ideal level of humidity in your home. Keeping the air in your room full of moisture can reduce your chances of getting a shock, and help to reduce tension in your body.


Choose proper bedding materials

Some bedding materials in your room may be major contributors to static electricity. For example, rayon, acetate, polyester, and nylon are all notorious for static cling, so you should consider replacing these products. Instead, you should opt for natural fabric, such as cotton, wool, silk or linen.


Cut down on using the dryer

Using your clothes dryer to dry your bedding products can also be a source of static electricity. Therefore, you should avoid using the dryer when possible.


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