Choosing the Best Bedding Products for your Baby

Do you know how to choose the best bedding products for your baby?

Babies are at their life’s most vigorous stage of growth and development. Their bodies are soft and vulnerable, so the bedding that a growing baby uses is even more important than ever. The quality of the baby mattress or pillow will have a direct impact and influence on the healthy developmental growth of the baby.

Choosing a suitable baby pillow

For babies to nurture good sleep habits, a set of comfortable and supportive bedding is indispensable! Good bedding products will not only affect the physical development of the baby, but may help to prevent developmental deformities.

There is a misconception that pillows aren’t a necessity for new-borns and infants. However, due to the frequent occurrence of milk or vomiting on new-borns, small pillows can be used to raise the upper body of babies to prevent vomiting.

Other misconceptions include opting for a hard pillow for the baby’s head to look better and have the skull grow stronger. But in fact, hard pillows tend to make neck muscles tire and the delicate soft skull of a baby may be damaged by a poor quality firm pillow.

However, you should also avoid choosing a pillow that is too soft like synthetic pillows or feather pillows, as they do not have adequate support for a baby’s head and neck. This may even lead to danger since the contact area with the baby’s scalp is larger, which will go against haemal circulation. This may block the baby’s nose and mouth, affect the baby’s breathing or cause choking. Ideally, a choice of pillow that is neither too hard, nor too soft and supportive is the best choice. Things to consider when selecting a pillow would be supportive, breathable and natural.

Importance of a good baby mattress

A baby’s mattress has to be adapted to the growth of the adolescent’s bones. If the mattress is too soft, the force of the body may not be balanced. This will cause a gap between their spine and the bed. Through time, symptoms may show up and the long curve of the spine will have a definite effect on the blood cycle; this will affect the mental development of children. Therefore, compared with ordinary mattresses, the safety requirement of baby mattresses is higher. In order to protect the health and safety of the baby, the material of the mattress matters.

A 100% natural latex mattress is environmentally friendly, safe for babies and toxic-free. Furthermore, it also features hundreds of holes that create a natural ventilation system that ensures continuous flow of fresh air. This allows the body heat and moisture to dissipate throughout your baby’s sleep, providing cool and refreshing comfort. 100% natural latex can also effectively prevent mites from inhabiting and is naturally hypoallergenic, a suitable choice for babies. The unique aroma of 100% natural latex is said to even have insect-repelling effect.

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