Environmental benefits of Natural latex

When purchasing your mattress, you may consider the level of comfort, durability, and support. But have you thought about the impacts of your mattress to the environment? One of the issues in the waste management industry is the disposal of mattresses. Most mattress materials are not biodegradable and may contain chemicals that leach into the earth for decades and even centuries. Furthermore, many materials used in making beds are petroleum-based, meaning that these are non-renewable and can be harmful. 100% natural latex mattresses are your best bet if you’re looking for a mattress that’s good for the environment. Here, we list some of the environmental benefits of 100% natural latex.


Sustainable resource

The production of 100% natural latex mattresses uses sustainable resources. Natural latex is tapped from hevea brasiliensis trees, which continue to grow, live, and clean the air. Because of its all-natural origin, you won’t have to worry about toxic chemicals or metals being present in a latex mattress, unlike other mattresses.



Continuous consumption and disposable are major contributors to excessive waste and environmental pollution. It is always a more environmentally conscious choice to choose products that are durable and won’t require constant replacement.  100% latex mattresses are very long-lasting, and on average they can last 15-40 years, considerably longer than the 5-10 year average of other beds. This means that once you get a good natural latex mattress, you won’t have to worry about replacing it too often.  This is also more cost-effective, so it’s a win-win situation for you and the environment!



100% natural latex mattresses are made of 100 percent plant derivatives, which makes them biodegradable. We can recycle a portion of materials from traditional mattresses (metal springs, cotton, foam, and wood), but the process is laborious. The main reason it’s done is to free up a large amount of landfill space because it’s so labor-intensive. Latex is biodegradable and recyclable. At the end of its time as a mattress, the latex material can be recycled and will eventually degrade if place in a landfill.

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