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As we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, our sleep environment is very important to our physical and mental well-being. Besides making sure that your bedding products are comfortable and supportive, it’s also important to keep a clean and hygienic environment to prevent unwanted diseases!

Nano Silver Technology is a great choice for all age groups and highly recommended for families with infants.  The embedded Nano Silver helps to sterilize and sanitize surfaces by continuously killing germs.   Nano Silver’s ability to eliminate micro bacterial cells proves to be more effective than conventional germ removal methods.

Here are a few of our top picks on how to get clean sleep!



The quality of our mattress directly affects the quality of our sleep and waking hours. Mattresses can be a breeding ground for a multitude of bacteria, but cleaning our mattress often is no easy feat. Therefore, choosing a mattress with antibacterial properties makes it easier to maintain a clean sleep environment.

At Getha, we combine our signature 100% natural latex with the best sleep technology.  Our mattresses are integrated with Nano Silver Technology to facilitate a natural, hygienic and healthy sleep environment. For a mattress that gives you both antibacterial and anti-static properties, you may take a look at our Icon Luxury mattress. It also comes with three firmness options for to suit your optimum comfort level.

For extra care with EMF radiation protection, you can also take a look at our Compass Luxury series! Not only will you be protected against germs, you’ll also have extra protection against radiation to prevent chronic diseases and sleep disruption!

If you’re just looking for an additional bit of plush comfort to your current mattress, you can also try out our Genetics Topper! This luxurious plush topper provides extra cushioning and aims to create health, harmony and relaxation by providing support while adding comfort to help relieve pressure on joints.



How often do you clean your pillows?  As we sleep in close proximity to our pillows and bolsters, we’ll need to take good care of their cleanliness to avoid bringing in allergies and diseases. Pillows integrated with Nano Silver Technology can offer better sleep protection by using the powerful silver property to eliminate bacteria, viral and fungal infestation.

The GETHA 100% Natural Latex Transformé Pillow is wrapped with Nano Silver Fabric to promote ultimate hygiene.   Furthermore, this pillow is highly recommended for stress relief as the Anti-Static Protection (ASP) function releases static electricity in our body that help us to destress and fall asleep faster.


Bedsheets and Cases

Our bedsheets and pillowcases play a substantial role in our sleep experience too. It’s important to wash and change our sheets often as they can accumulate a lot of oil, sweat, dirt, and makeup.  Getha’s line of bedsheets and cases integrated with Nano Silver helps to keep the surfaces you sleep on clean and healthy! Check out our line of bedsheets and cases here.


Discover better sleep with Getha! We have a great range of products suitable for all ages, from mattresses, pillows, baby products to sleep accessories! With Getha, you’ll be able to sleep well, and rise well!

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