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The H2O Waterproof Mattress Protector is a great addition to help in protecting your mattress against preventing spills and accidents to ensure a longer lifespan of your mattress. As well as providing a luxurious and cooling feel on your skin to gives you a cozy and peaceful rest. You can then rest comfortably fresher and cleaner on your mattress. It is highly recommended for a mattress to have a mattress protector, especially when the household has a child to prevent spills and accidents.
Care Instructions:
Immediately dry and spot clean for spills or leaks.
Hand wash or gentle machine wash with mild detergent only.

The Baby Mattress Protector is a great addition to any baby mattress! With the Smartex fabric technology, this baby mattress protector is waterproof and yet allows vapor to go through its breathable soft-touch bamboo fabric easily!
Perfect to stop accidental leaks or spills that will cause damage to the mattress. The Baby Mattress protector has a breathable and delicate bamboo fabric with luxurious and cooling feel that rest comfortably against your baby’s skin for a cozy and peaceful rest.