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The H2O Waterproof Mattress Protector is a great addition to help in protecting your mattress against preventing spills and accidents to ensure a longer lifespan of your mattress. As well as providing a luxurious and cooling feel on your skin to gives you a cozy and peaceful rest. You can then rest comfortably fresher and cleaner on your mattress. It is highly recommended for a mattress to have a mattress protector, especially when the household has a child to prevent spills and accidents.
Care Instructions:
Immediately dry and spot clean for spills or leaks.
Hand wash or gentle machine wash with mild detergent only.


The Nano Silver Pillow Protector is designed to encourage healthier, clean and stress-less rest. Quilted for additional comfort and featuring the revolutionary Nano Silver fabric, its antimicrobial features will have you waking up feeling refreshed!