GETHA Transformé Latex Pillow + Body Latex Pillow + FREE UVC Sanitizer

RM838.00 RM754.10

Get clean sleep with Getha! Get a FREE UVC Sanitizer Disinfection Lamp with our Nano Silver antibacterial combos!

Combo includes:

  • 1 Transformé Latex Pillow
  • 1 Body Latex Pillow
  • 1 FREE UVC sanitizer disinfection lamp*
    – Portable USB sterilizer
    – Effectively kills harmful bacteria using strong UVC ultraviolet sterilization technology

The GETHA 100% Natural Latex Transforme Pillow is equipped with Anti-Static Protection and Nano Silver Fabric for tension and antibacterial relief, through removing excess ions from the body and continuous elimination of bacteria, viral and fungal infestation. The GETHA 100% Natural Latex Body Pillow is a quintessential for side sleepers! The Body Pillow dynamically conforms to the curves of your body to reduce tension for the back and provide vital support.

*Limited units available

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